About Gym & Dance
Gym & Dance is RDA’s newest program that will offer each RDA student the opportunity to train beginner to advanced level tumbling skills while learning a fun gymnastic based dance routine. This fun & exciting new program will help all RDA students build the necessary motor skills, agility, flexibility, strength and confidence for not only the performing arts world but for any physical activity that they choose to do.

Class Dates & Times
Gym & Dance for ages 4 to 7 will be held every Tuesday from 6pm-7pm
Gym & Dance for ages 8 to 12 will be held every Tuesday from 5pm-6pm
Adv Gym/Tumbling for all qualified students will be held every Thursday from 4:30pm-5:30pm
All Gym & Dance classes will begin on Sept 10th and end on May 30th with the showcase.

Required Attire
All students in Gym & Dance will be required either a blue or black biketard or leotard depending on which class they are placed in. All Advanced Level Tumblers will be required a black/blue sports bra and shorts. All required attire will need to be purchased at the RDA front desk.

Level Placement
Students must each attend their age required class and within each of these classes will be several levels that each student can achieve. Level placement within each class will be decided solely by skill. Each level will have it’s own progressions and skill sets that every student will be required before leveling up. If a student in either Gym & Dance class has reached their highest level of placement within their class they will then be offered the
opportunity to take the Adv Gym/Tumbling class.

Gym & Dance Annual Showcase
At the end of the season each Gym & Dance class will have an Annual Showcase to demonstrate all the skills that each student has trained in. During the showcase the students will move from station to station demonstrating all their acquired skills for the season. All students will then perform a dance routine that they have learned throughout the year that will also implement tumbling skills. Students will also receive a trophy for their achievement of a completed season at the Gym & Dance Showcase.